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This website is the official website of the Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club,

created by Polly Burright.

This site was last updated December 27, 2019.

Any member of the National 600 Club who is a current member of the Wisconsin USBC is eligible for membership in the Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club.

Good morning ladies,

Are you bowling in Las Vegas?     Last year, I started pre-registration for the National 600 Club side tournament in conjunction with the Women's Championship tournament.    Many took advantage of this and LOVED it.

Pre-registration means I would pre-fill your entry form.    Then, when you get to the tournament, you would tell them you pre-registered, they would pull your form, you tell them which events you want to enter and pay them.    You don't even need to show your cards as I already have everything verified.      If you would like me to pre-fill your entry form, please let me know.

I am also pre-filling entry forms for the 700 Club side tournament.    If you are a 700 Club member and want your entry form pre-filled, let me know.

If you have not sent in your entry for the annual Mail-O-Graphic tournament, I hope that you will do that soon.    This tournament grows every year.    North Dakota (my state) has won the friendly competition and bragging rights of the state with the most entrants.    We are a small state in numbers so I am sure some states could beat us hands down.    Help your state in this competition.    If you need an entry form, let me know or it can be found on the website - www.national600.com

Remember - only 6 more days until the days start getting longer!    YAY!   (It's the little things here in North Dakota that we look forward to.   LOL!)

Merry Christmas!

Ann (Kelley) Splettstaszer



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Letís go Wisconsin!

National MOG Entry is here.
Deadline is January 15, 2020.