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This website is the official website of the Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club,

created by Polly Burright.

This site was last updated August 22. 2020.

Any member of the National 600 Club who is a current member of the Wisconsin USBC is eligible for membership in the Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club.

Text Box:   We are MOVING FORWARD!! 
State 600 Bowling Club 2020 Annual Tournament 
Menomonie and Broadway Bowl are prepared and waiting for us to roll.  All systems are in ready mode – precautions in place and plans progressing for hosting our State 600 Bowling Club tournament this fall.  Your State 600 Board also has agreed to move forward and accept more reservations for the tournament.   
Many squads have room; there are 60 slots available per squad (20 lane house), except as noted below.
    Nov 7 – 10:00 am – room for 2 bowlers only
    Nov 7 – 2:00 pm – FULL. 
    Nov 14 – 2:00 pm – FULL. 
    Nov 21 – 2:00 pm – room for 7 bowlers only 
Reservation deadline is October 1st . . . 
Tournament runs Saturdays & Sundays 10 am++ & 2 pm** October 24 through Nov 21 . . . 
 	++ No one is scheduled for the 10 am squad on Sunday, October 31.
** No one is currently scheduled for any 2:00 pm squad on Sundays; those squads will not be opened unless a minimum of 18 bowlers register.  
Sunday 10 am squads on Oct 25, Nov 8 and Nov 15 really could use additional bowlers to make a ‘good’ squad.    
Call or email requests for reservations ASAP!  
Contact:    Arlys Bourdage, WI State 600 Bowling Club Sec/Treas 
N6305 State Hwy 107, Tomahawk, WI  54487 
715.536.6457     arlys129@aol.com    
Text Box: Your Board of Directors made a change to our Annual Tournament Policy, Procedure and Rules.  It was unanimously decided to revise Procedure #1 to read “The WI State 600 Bowling Club tournament will be held in any bowling center that is ineligible to host the WI State USBC tournament for women.”  This change opens our tournament possibilities to those smaller houses within the larger associations.

We will have two proposed amendments on the agenda for our Annual Meeting.    One change is to Article IV—Officers.  We are proposing to increase our Board of Directors with an additional two directors.  This would then change the election stagger system and our board meeting quorum as well.  This amendment will provide further support for club duties as well as expand representation throughout the state.  The second change is to Article III—Membership and Fees.  We propose to raise the one-time membership fee to $5.00.  We are currently at $3.00, which does not cover the cost of the pin, sticker and shipping.  
Text Box: I hope and pray that all of you are doing well during this pandemic.  I am looking forward to next May, when we can hopefully all be together to celebrate good health and camaraderie at our annual meeting.  Blessings to all medical personnel, care-givers, first responders, volunteers, and those continuing to work vital jobs!  
Stay safe! Stay Healthy!