Our Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club Board of Directors’ meeting took place in Marshfield on August 4, 2018.  Tournament Manager Janet Singer was present with the State 600 Club Board of Directors.  In attendance were President Polly Burright, Vice-President Nikki Lohr, Secretary-Treasurer Arlys Bourdage, Sgt-at-Arms Sue Soderberg, and Directors Rosie Thiel and Jennie Volkman.  Director Marge Beers and Life Members Kathy Rathsack and Virginia Stewart were excused.  We met at the Masonic Lodge, where Janet provided us with a home-cooked meal for our lunch.  What a welcome treat!

           Our business meeting began with the previous board meeting minutes, the annual meeting minutes and the treasurer’s reports.  Correspondence was read and discussed.  Changes were made to the entry form for 2019 to reflect the new location, dates, and times.  It was noted that Janet Singer of Marshfield will serve as co-chair for the Nominating Committee in 2018 and chair the committee in 2019.  The tournament budget was reviewed and amended. 

           Following our board meeting, Polly, Arlys, and Janet met with proprietor Todd Leonhardt at Rose Bowl Lanes for the signing of the contract.  Dates and squad times were confirmed.  There are 24 lanes available for each squad, and this should shorten the length of the tournament.  We would like to be able to accommodate everyone before the late Thanksgiving this year.  Keeping this in mind, please make your reservations early.

           After a test run in Merrill last year, which was very well received by the bowlers, we will continue to bowl both events on the same lanes.  Due to lack of interest, it was decided not to pursue a senior event.  We will maintain the current two divisions with handicap based on 240 scratch, with no handicap by division.  Thank you to everyone for your input.

Has your local 600 Club or Bowling Association thought about hosting a future State 600 Club Tournament?  Bidding forms for future tournaments are always available from our club secretary.  Would you be interested in serving on the State 600 Club Board of Directors?  Up for election in 2019 are Secretary-Treasurer Arlys Bourdage and Director #1 Marge Beers.  If you would like to run for the Board of Directors, the nominating committee chairperson for 2018-19 is Donna Doede, PO Box 120, Clintonville, WI  54929.   All of these forms will be available at the tournament in Shawano.  Why not pick them up and take a look?  The deadline for submitting nomination papers to Donna is January 15, 2019, and your bid for the 2020 tournament is due to President Polly Burright by February 1, 2019.  We’d love to come and visit you!  All forms can also be found on our club website, www.wisconsin600club.org

           The deadline for submitting your Shawano tournament entry is October 1, 2018.  Late entries will be accepted up to November 15, 2018, with an additional fee of $5 per bowler, based on availability.  If you haven’t yet submitted your entry, please call Arlys (715-536-6457) to check on remaining time slots.  Opening ceremonies will be held on Saturday, October 27th at 9:15 am.  All bowlers for the first squad must be checked in 30 minutes prior to the festivities.  Remember that multiple doubles entries are now allowed with different partners.  There is also a separate scratch division ($10 entry) for singles.

We would like to emphasize the importance of keeping your membership information up to date.  If you’ve changed your name or address, please inform Arlys of any changes.  This will avoid confusion and errors.  Also, there are over 150 of you who are eligible for the Participation Award, but we don’t have your information.  Be sure to pick up a “Years of Participation” form (also available on our website) to fill out and keep track of how often you’ve bowled in our tournament.  Beginning with 20 years, and every five thereafter, certificates will be presented to honor those of you who have continued to support our annual tournament.  Once you have filled out the form, send it to Arlys so she can verify and prepare your certificate. 

           The club will be giving away free entries to next year’s tournament.  Be sure to sign up at the tournament for a chance to win.  Also, there will be a raffle to win a $100 bill during the tournament.  The monies raised will help us continue the special awards earned during our tournament.  Remember to enter.  It could be your turn to win.  Let’s all bowl well in Shawano.  Good Luck this bowling season!