HOW ??   BID for the Annual WI State 600 Bowling Club Tournament


WHY – Local Club/Association and Area


The WI State 600 Club Tournament is a great potential money maker for YOU.  The degree is dependent upon activities/events YOU do.  For example, running raffles on merchandise donated by local businesses (dependent on contacts made and local support received).  50/50 raffle drawings.  Selling bowling attire, towels, pins, etc.


The Tournament draws 800 to 1000 women!  They come to YOUR city to bowl, stay in YOUR local motels, eat and drink at YOUR local establishments, which add revenue to YOUR local economy.  It benefits more than just the bowling center.


More than a year in preparation work is required of the local club/association, along with several hours of active participation by a host of individuals during the actual tournament over the 5-6 week period.  The State 600 Club Secretary works closely with the host city Manager, offers “guidelines” and a “time table” to aid in running the tournament, and is there to answer any and all questions.  Your club/association will be provided the opportunity to make new and lasting, as well as refresh old bowling friendships; raise funds for special events; “show off” your club members with special attire (shirt, jacket, etc); develop programs/scholarships for area youth bowlers; or provide donations to local charities or memorials.  “Rewards” can be many and are great for YOUR local club/association.


The Annual WI State 600 Bowling Club Tournament is held each year, begins the last full weekend of October and runs all weekends in November.


WHY – Proprietor


A great source of SIGNIFICANT INCOME.  Women eat and drink!  Bus groups often arrive well in advance and want to eat before bowling.  Saturday evening entertainment can keep women around the center longer.  Women bowlers like to gamble.  If there are raffles, pull tabs, and/or any gaming machines, watch out!


Between 800 and 1000 women enter this tournament yearly.  Most of them bowl doubles and singles (6 games each) over the 5-6 week period, which totals about 6000 lines of bowling.  Even at $2.00 per line, that is additional income of $12,000 just for lineage.  Add bar/restaurant monies and it is well worth hosting the WI State 600 Bowling Club Tournament.


Proposed lineage is usually much less than league bowling, because of the above “residuals.” In the 40+ year history of our annual tournaments, we have paid between $6.00 and $8.00 per 3 game set . . . a more attractive fee often produces a more positive voting result.


The WI State 600 Bowling Club Annual Tournament is held the last full weekend of October and runs all weekends in November.  This is usually a slower time of year for bowling centers.  It also provides the proprietor a “striking” opportunity for additional revenue prior to the Holidays.


The Proprietor oftentimes encourages the local 600 club/association to “bid” again as soon as possible, usually within just a few years.  Why?  Because our tournament has proven to be a good money maker for establishments year after year.


Lastly, why bid for our tournament?     We are a fun bunch of women who love to bowl!!!



Contact our Website (www.wisconsin600club.org) to obtain bid forms and other information.



Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club

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