Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club



DATE SUBMITTED ________________________

1. Bid information MUST be submitted PRIOR to FEBRUARY 1st. The Proprietor bid form MUST be

submitted along with the local association/600 bowling club bid form.


Shirley Hoffman, President Arlys Bourdage, Sec/Treas

WI State 600 Bowling Club WI State 600 Bowling Club

1158 Waterloo Street N6305 Highway 107

Columbus, WI 53925-1842 Tomahawk, WI 54487

Phone 920-623-2166 Phone 715-536-6457

2. The tournament bid is for the year following presentation at the Annual 600 Club meeting in March.

Tournament starts the last full weekend in October and runs weekends in November (December dates

as needed).

3. The Local Association or 600 Bowling Club must provide a chairperson for the tournament management,

along with personnel to conduct a successful tournament.

A nominating chairperson is also required (This is a 2 year position, as the following year she is co-chair).


Name of Local Association/600 Club ___________________________________________________________


Tournament City ____________________________________________

SIGNATURE of 2 OFFICERS from the Bidding Organization/Club


__________________________________________ Title __________________ Phone __________________


__________________________________________ Title __________________ Phone __________________

Name/Address/Phone of proposed Chairperson for Tournament (must be approved by the State 600 Club Board

of Directors). The person should have had some tournament management experience.


NAME ______________________________________________________


ADDRESS ___________________________________________________ Phone _______________________


CITY _______________________________________________________ Zip __________________________

Name of person to present the Bid at the WI State 600 Bowling Club annual meeting.


NAME ______________________________________________________ Phone ________________________


ADDRESS ___________________________________________________ City __________________________

Briefly summarize housing accommodations along with other attractions on a separate sheet.

Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club


Prepare a minimum of one (1) promotional banner (revised 10/12) and mail/deliver to current State 600 Tournament House before October 1. RECOMMENDED SIZE: 3-4 feet wide and 10-12 feet long (03/07).

Provide a map of the location of the lanes, a listing of hotels, motels (with estimated prices and phone numbers) to the State 600 Club Secretary no later than the October meeting.

Mail entries. All entries must be mailed at the same time (date provided by State 600 Club). Entries, envelopes, mailing labels and postage are furnished by State office.

Make arrangements for a meeting place and lunch for the State 600 Club Board on

a) contract signing date, and

b) opening day of the tournament.

Schedule score monitors.

Make any last minute changes to the schedule, in-house computer, and recap score sheets.

Meet with State 600 Club Secretary on Friday prior to tournament opening, i.e. day before opening, to review registration procedure, distribute supplies, etc. Also, Nominating Committee chair should be present to review nomination/candidate application process.

Host City Coordinator will be provided with schedules, recap score sheets, entries and any membership applications that need to be collected; also will be furnished a supply of State pins and stickers for any new members participating in the tournament, as well as for replacement purchases.


Check WI State sticker on back of bowlers national 600 card and verify national number.

Check USBC membership card.

Process membership applications for new members.

Verify average on substitutes or entries lacking verification.

Record tournament city and year on cards in Active file.

Process on-site scratch option entries.

ANNOUNCE prior to each squad:

Welcome (furnished by State 600 Club).

Bowlers are responsible for verifying averages, current address and scores. No checking of actual scores, only re-cap sheets will be checked.

CHECK scores for any USBC Special Achievement Awards. Host City initiates paperwork for USBC awards. Complete appropriate award application and give to bowler for processing by their local association (NOTE: Neither the host city nor the State 600 Club office knows whether awards have already been earned). Notify the State 600 Secretary via a copy of the form for any special award (11-in-a-Row, 299, 300, 800 or 900).

11. CHECK RE-CAP sheets for accuracy. Sort by Lane assignment and send to State 600 Secretary weekly.

12. Compare computer printout (if applicable) with hard copies, as soon as printout received.

13. Count lineage and inform State 600 Club Secretary each week.

14. Compensate score monitors. Monies for score monitors paid to Host City Coordinator at end of tournament or dispensed to have on hand during tournament (specific arrangements confirmed each tournament, BUT score monitors are to be compensated). Host City decides how to tally/record what squads/hours score monitors work.

15. Make sure proprietor has championship awards prepared (as per instructions from State 600 Club Secretary). Reminder Sample award should be on display throughout the tournament.

16. Bring awards to annual meeting the following March. Assist in distribution of awards.

17. Return all State 600 Club property to Club secretary.

NOTE: There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in the check-in area.