Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club

Officer/Director CANDIDATE Nomination APPLICATION FORM

(Complete in its entirety)


NAME ____________________________________________________________________________




TELEPHONE (home/work)  ___________________________________________________________

E-Mail  ___________________________________________________________________________

USBC # ________________________   National 600 Club # ________________________

Number of Certified League(s) presently a member of this season? ________________

    Are you currently bowling in any uncertified league(s)?    Yes _____   No _____

Local Association__________________________________________________ State Assoc _______


Bowling Committees / Offices held.  

League _____________________________________________________________________


Local Assoc __________________________________________________________________


State Assoc __________________________________________________________________

Other Bowling Affiliations _______________________________________________________



List 600 Club Annual meetings attended in the past 5 years:  _______________________________




All officers/directors MUST ATTEND three (3) Board meetings PLUS the Annual meeting per year, unless excused by the President. 

  Have you:      1.  A working knowledge of USBC rules/regulations?                                            Yes ___   No ___

                         2.  A working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure?           Yes ___   No ___

                         3.  Been continuously active in your local association?                                        Yes ___   No ___

                         4.  Time to attend any committee meetings as appointed                                  Yes ___   No ___

                         5.  Ability to fulfill above / other duties assigned by President?                               Yes ___   No ___


I hereby consent to have my name placed in nomination and agree to serve if elected for the position


of _____________________________________________________________.

Submitted by:

   Nominee Signature _______________________________________________ Date ________________

     (SIGNED, not typed, by the nominee)

Complete and mail one copy to Chairperson no later than January 15 

Attach separate sheet with additional information or to expand upon the above