Your board of directors met at North Star Lanes in Antigo on August 19, 2023.  The contract for our 51st tournament, to be held in 2024, was signed by President Polly Burright, Secretary-Treasurer Sue Soderberg, Proprietor Brian Mattmiller, and Tournament Manager Jennie Volkman.

Regular business included the secretary’s report, as well as the treasurer’s report.  Old business was the tournament budget, which was approved.  New business presented were updates for the Merrill tournament.  The 2024 Antigo entry form was updated with revisions to be made.

Nominating co-chair for the upcoming year will be Jennie Volkman, with chair being Mason Heldt from Merrill.

Our October meeting will be held on Saturday, October 28, at North Star Lanes in Merrill, beginning at 10 am.  We will approve the prize list and answer any last-minutes questions.  Opening ceremonies begin at 11:15.